From the Inside, Out


Everyday people tell themselves {and the people around them} that they're going to change. For some, the change needs to come sooner rather than later. I've discovered some things in my own life that need to change so that I will be more edifying and encouraging to those around me.  One thing {perhaps the biggest} is my selfishness. There are moments and times that I am almost shocked at how selfish I can be. Being a daughter of the Most High commands me to be anything but that.  I am selfish of my time and my not alright. One way I hope to alleviate some of this, is to be more aware of those around me and what they need and desire.
Another aspect that needs to be worked on, is the time that I spend in the Word and with the Lord. I always seem to let other things get in the way and take precedence over what I need to be doing. It's quite sad. But that is yet another thing that needs to be seriously examined and corrected.
With those two things, another thing {the least} is my discipline for getting to the gym. Seriously. It used to be easy because I could go on my way home from work. Now it requires more effort and planning. But I think I'm getting back into my routine. I'm excited for my workout on Friday which will be the always enjoyed Cardio Funk! Best workout I've ever had. I couldn't get through my work week without visits to the gym. It just gives me some 'me' time and some time to let everything out. It's wonderful! So that is my list of things that I'm working on. I know that with God's mercy, grace and strength, those things will soon be conquered {hopefully!} and surely replaced with other things. One should never stop growing. I will leave you with some images from this past weekend!

{i am blessed}

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