Some Coffee Love


The whole time I was growing up, the closest thing I got to coffee was a Starbucks Frappachino. And for those of you that have had the aforementioned drink, you know as well as I do that fall more into the milkshake category rather than a coffee category. But ever since I've entered the working world, it is almost impossible for me to get through a weekday without a cup of joe. Now I don't need much seeing as how I often exude the energy of 6 year old, but it's just a good way to start the day in the office. One of my most favorite discoveries is almost any flavored Coffee Mate creamer. It adds just enough flavor so that I'm not making scrunched up faces for the duration of contents of my mug. One big thing that I'm looking forward to once we move into our house (insert a little squeal) is that I will finally have enough counter space for my coffee maker. My current counter situation is that there is zero space for anything other than the bare necessities, which would be no problem, but I would like to have a home for my coffee maker other than our storage closet. So if you're a coffee drinker and in search of some extra flavor in your life, I strongly suggest trying one of the many Coffee Mate products. You will not be disappointed!

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Amanda Wissmann said...

I'm pretty sure I am addicted to coffee. Being in Peru there isn't much "proper" creamer around since everyone uses milk, but we recently had a friend come and she brought me a HUGE container of Caramel Vanilla creamer from coffee mate. We will forever be best friends :)


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