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The only way that this weekend could've been better is if it was longer.  Andrew and I left Charlotte Saturday morning and arrived in the beautiful Chapel Hill around noon. Everything {i mean everything, including the sky} was the perfect shade of blue all because of the Spring Game. We walked around taking in the sights and perfection that Carolina's campus and football stadium has to offer. There were lines that probably totaled in the thousands of fans trying to get autographs and pictures with players, which we did not partake in at all. I mean don't get me wrong; I love Tar Heel football, but those lines were no joke. But after running into a college friend, I was able to sneak a picture with Shaun Draughn (love!)
me and jen gray!

one heck of a player
After sneaking pics and catching up with Jennifer, Andrew and I headed to get some food and settle into our seats so that we could enjoy the "game". I had to keep reminding myself that it was just a scrimmage and that it was April! With the crowd and the atmosphere, it felt as though fall had come a few months early.
There were easily 30,000 fans there, and since Carolina has never really been considered a "football"school, I was impressed by the amount that filled the stands yesterday. Halfway through the 3rd quarter though, I was ready to get out there {I forgot to bring some SPF, so I was in a little pain}. From there we walked campus a little and shopped a little in the student store, and then it was time to drive to Burke's and get ready for dinner!
 the girls!...and burke
the silly boys
Dinner was had at The Pit which hands down was the nicest BBQ restaurant I have ever been in. The food was amazing and so was the company. The weekend was capped off today with a huge breakfast cooked by Burke, church and a delightful lunch with Burke and Erin. Every time we visit Raleigh/Chapel Hill, I always leave questioning why we don't live there. So many great places and people...but God has us in Charlotte for a reason and I just have to trust that! All in all, it was a great weekend. Hope you enjoyed yours!

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