The List Goes On and On...


Buying a house comes along with an excruciatingly long list of needed things. And of course, most  all of these things costs more than a new homeowner wants/can spend! But like so many other things in life, it's a process. Like my dad said this weekend, there is a reason they give you a 30-yr mortgage. One thing that is high on my list is a new couch! And I love this one from Pottery Barn:

It's nice looking and around $800 which is not too bad {especially by Pottery Barn standards!}

I LOVE this one as well from Haverty's. It looks like it belongs at the beach and I love to have the beach at home. The price is a lot more friendly too at $699.

Other things include a sofa table, a small table to put in the foyer, miscellaneous bedroom furniture, an entertainment I said, the list goes on and on! But we're building a home here. A life. There is no rush.

But I'll keep you posted on the progress!

1 i love your comments!:

short stack said...

dude. couches are way too expensive. i got lucky and my grandma gave us her old one, which had hardly been used she took such good care of it.

i am not looking forward to the day we have to get a new one. :(

i love the white one, btw. i'd just be terrified to eat anything anywhere *close* to it!

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