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I just realized how incredibly inconsistant I have been on posting! There has been so much going on, that blogging has dropped low on the list of priorities, but I assure you that I will try to become a lot better. We've finally started getting some things taken care of for our house which is so exciting! We went to the Sugar Creek Garden Center this weekend and I had way too much fun looking at trees, flowers and other general garden items. The main purpose of our visit was to find a tree to plant in the front yard, because the front has been severly lacking in landscaping. After coming up with several options, we landed on a a Crepe Myrtle. I've come to the conclusion that it's a good "front yard" tree and hopefully when it grows up it'll look something like this:
Currently, it's still a baby, but even though it's small, it adds a LOT to our front yard.  Getting the tree in the yard though proved much harder then we could've imagined. We bought the tree on Saturday and started the digging process that evening. But out of our entire front yard, we managed to hit the cable line and cut it in half. So we were without cable and internet until Andrew and his handy father were able to repair the damage. Thankfully it wasn't the power line and thankfully, it didn't take that long to repair it. So the actual placing of the tree into the ground didn't happen until yesterday afternoon, but happened without a hitch this time and it looks wonderful! We also were able to buy grill yesterday afternoon which I can't wait to use.
That might not be the exact model, but it's something along those lines. I can't wait for summer cookouts to happen! Each and everyday, I am more thankful for our house and more excited to make it our home. There is so much to be done and to buy, but it's a process that I think will be worth the journey.

If you have any DIY projects that will help make our house our home, please feel free to offer them!

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