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So one of the hardest decisions for me to ever make, is what to do with my hair. I mean, really? Should it be that hard? The answer that should be in your mind right now, is no. But for some reaon {and I don't think of myself as vain} how my hair looks is a big deal for me. A couple of months ago, I chopped off my curly locks and opted for a bob that would have no choice but to be straight.

And I loved it...for a couple of months.  Now though, I'm over it. I want my long curls back. I want the easy hair style again! One thing that I did this go round thought was bangs. I can't tell you the last time I did bangs because my mother gave me a complex of having bangs {she informed me my face was far too small} when I was young. Thank you mom. But I really like them now. And I think that I could definitely use them even when I let me hair grow out. I found 2 styles that I like; 1 straight and the other curly. Let me know what you think!

Obviously, I don't look like these girls, but just focus on the hair/bangs. I love both styles and I believe that I could easily obtain the look...of hair.

Opinion: Would either one of these styles look good on me?

2 i love your comments!:

amber said...

i am loving the first one :)

Crystal said...

Hi, just blog hopping and found u. I love the bob that u have! I SO want to cut my hair like that again but the hubby likes it long, lol! Maybe if I grqadually do it he won't notice? Anyway, I don't know if u have a Sally's Beauty Supply store where u live but they sale the real hair extensions that look AMAZING! And u just clip them in. If u want them cut or colored differently take them to ur stylist to do and it's that simple!

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