My Very Favorite Thing


From ages 11 to 20 at least one day a week, I was at the barn. And it was there that I was happiest. Even if I wasn't riding, as long as I was near and around horses, I was content. Ever since I had to become an adult, horseback riding lessons haven't exactly been in the budget. Amazingly enough though, just up the street from us are some family friends who have horses and just happen to need some assistance in exercising them. So, I not only get to help them out, but I get to ride for FREE! How good is our God? Yesterday was the first day that I've had a chance to ride in way too long, but here are a few pics that I got:
so happy to be doing what I love!

taking a break in the shade

Seriously if the rest of my weekend was bad, yesterday afternoon would have totally made up for it.

Can't wait for next time!

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short stack said...

OMG, i am so happy for you. i remember how much you loooooved horseback riding. and i wanted to loooove it, too, except my allergies would rather have me dead than on a horse. i loved watching, though! :) so exciting.

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