Sweet Sounds of Summer


I don't know about you, but I am the type of person that associates seasons with senses; smells, sounds, tastes, etc. While fall and winter are usually the epitome of these things for me, summer is not out of the mix.  The trail behind our house definitely exemplifies the "sounds" for me. There is a small brook that babble, a myriad of tree frogs and crickets harmonizing, and birds singing in the early morning hours. Just hearing the mixture of sounds takes me back to summers spent at my Nana's.  

Now for smells, it will ALWAYS be a charcoal grill. I've been bugging Andrew since we moved into house for us to get one and it just hasn't happened yet. But it will and I pumped for it's arrival. And finally, a watermelon milkshake from Cookout is the ultimate taste of summer for me. I know it may sound like an odd combination, but seriously, it's great! It's the perfect blend of creamy vanilla ice cream and juicy watermelon. Sadly, they don't come until July.

What makes summer summer for you?

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