I have been in a serious drought of good books. I am so desperate, that I'm about to finish up reading the entire Twilight series for the second time!

I mean, don't get me wrong; I do actually enjoy the books, but I'd like something new to be sitting on my coffee table anxiously awaiting for me to turn the pages. One book that I know for a fact I'll be reading in the coming weeks is Emily Giffin's new novel, The Heart of the Matter

I have read all of her other books and haven't been dissapointed. I found this summer reading list, but would love any sugguestions you guys can offer!

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Nicole said...

I am so bad about buying books lately that are movies! My latest buys are Marley & Me and PS I love you (which I didn't know was a book!) .. and I'm sure you've read my favorite, Redeeming Love :)

Crystal said...

redeeming love and the giver are my favorite. The uglies saga(uglies, pretties, specials, extras) are a good series. I love karen kingsbury's books, "like dandelion dust" is being made into a movie at the moment. There have been tons that i have loved.

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