There's Always a Reason to Have a Party!


Is there anything in your life that you've been promising yourself that you'd get around to? Here I am, married for over 2 years and yet there is not a single wedding album or scrapbook! Now this is partly because I absolutely despised my wedding pictures and just have no desire to make them into hard copies. The other reasons are your standard "life is busy-I'll eventually do it-I don't know where to start" ones. But I've taken the first {and in my opinion, the hardest} by getting some prints made yesterday. If I tell myself that I didn't pay anyone to take these pictures, I don't despise them nearly as much.  On a positive note about those pictures, they do remind me of just how much I loved June 14, 2008. It was really and truly the best day of my life and I wouldn't trade anything about it. Those pictures on the other hand...

Thankfully for me, I have a group of equally procrastinating friends! So due to our combined lack of hard copy memories, we now have an excuse for a party! A scrap booking party to be exact. I believe that with the help of Snapfish and Michael's coupons, this should be a rather successful venture. No finalized details have taken form, but all in due time!  For any of you scrap booking experts out there, any advice that you can lend to me, would be greatly appreciated.

Wish me luck!

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