We Drove Until the Map Turned Blue


This past weekend, Andrew & I were blessed enough to be at the beach. His grandparents are traveling up in Alaska and they allowed us to use their house {near Beaufort, SC} from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon. It was perfect. We relaxed, got some sun, ate a LOT of good food and just enjoyed ourselves.

We got down there on Thursday a little after 7 and ate at this Mexican restaurant called San Jose. It was amazing! And after a semi-long afternoon of driving, it hit the spot. After we ate, we headed to Dataw Island to get to our home for the next few days to relax for the rest of the evening. On Friday we were lazy; watched t.v. and laid by the pool.

After the lazy day, we drove down to Port Royal and ate at 11th Street Dockside. I LOVE this restaurant. The food, view and service is always great.

Once our bellies were nice and full, we drove home and enjoyed a twilight golf cart ride around Dataw Island. The beauty of Dataw never fails to amaze me. God is an incredible maker that's for sure!

Saturday was filled with the beach and Hilton Head fun. It was the ideal last day!

It was so nice for us to have a little getaway, but as usual, it's always nice to come home. Our babies missed us and we missed them, so I was happy to get back to Charlotte.

What about you guys? Any beach trips planned or already happened?

p.s. can you BELIEVE we're halfway through July? Just crazy!

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glad you had fun :) love all the pictures

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