I Try Not to Rush...


This is always the hardest time of year for me.

I've reached the end of my desire for summer weather and start longing for jeans and jackets. I love fall. I really and truly do. The crisp air, having the windows open, and most of all, football season! Ah...all of it is so refreshing.

I keep trying to remind myself to enjoy the month of August {and probably the larger part of September} because this year has already flown by. And much of this month will be packed. But I'll enjoy most of it, so no complaining here! One thing on my to do list for this fall is to make it up to Boone at least once!  The weather there is the epitome of autumn in my opinion.

What about you guys? Ready for summer to end or to continue? I want to know if I'm in the minority


1 i love your comments!:

short stack said...

i am SO READY for fall

the smell of tailgating
fall air

omg, can't wait

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