Lessons from Lessons


I assure you that that title makes sense.

You just have to read this post to know I'm telling the truth.

Have you ever heard of the book "All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten"?  Well I have a different take; all I really need to know, I've learned during horseback riding lessons. It's true! It really hit me this past week at my lesson {hence the title} how much can be applied to life from the saddle.

1. Multi-tasking is an absolute must. When you're in the saddle, you're focusing on your hands, legs, head, heels, etc. It can be a little overwhelming at times, but all of those little things together, make a big difference. For instance, when asking the horse to turn or to "bend", placement of hands and how far apart they are play a large factor on whether the horse will be able to do what your asking correctly. In life, what path you're on, what you're looking towards, and what you're holding on to and how tightly, all factor into where your life is heading.

trotting a circle

2. Remain calm no matter what. This is definitely one of those things that are easier said that done, in life and riding. When mounted on an animal that ways 1,200lbs, it can be difficult to remind yourself to stay calm no matter the situation. Horses know when you're nervous, scared or unsure and as soon as they sense that, they know they're in control. In this situation, you definitely want to be in control.  Again, being in a situation on a saddle that is terrifying, this is much easier to to type than to put into practice. In life, we're not in control; God is. And that in itself can be scary. As humans, we want to be in control and holding the reins of life so to speak. But, God is who He is, and there is really no sense in questioning. Regardless of being nervous, scared and unsure, the most important thing to remember is that in any situation, it's better that we're not in control.

never happier than when I'm in the saddle
3.  Keeping it clean. It's astounding how many things have to be clean in barn. I realize that may sound a little odd considering it is a barn, but it's true. Stalls, feeding/water buckets, saddles, bridles, the horse itself...the list goes on and on! I don't think I really need to explain how these things are related; your home needs to be clean or at least tidy, your clothes, your thoughts and speech, etc. Cleanliness is not something that is optional with horses or with personal life.

I know that some may make you think "well, duh!" but, all of these really dawned on me on Tuesday. I consider myself so blessed to be able to have the chance to ride once again and I will take everything I can from it.

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