Stuck in the In Between


As my 25th birthday is officially less than 2 months away, I can't help but wish I could slow time down. I realize and understand that 25 is not old, and for most, still classified as young.

But I can't figure out if I want to be considered a full-fledged adult or linger for just a bit more in the classification as young.

Currently, I'm leaning towards the latter.

Though I do realize that the moment I walked to the end of that aisle just 2 short years ago, I stopped being a girl and had to become a woman. Not only in the eyes of my friends and family, but to God. Gone were my days of being selfish of my time and only concerning myself with my schedule.

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. --
Genesis 2:24

In that aspect of "growing up", I'm good to go. I love being the wife to Andrew James. Don't get me wrong--it has it's hardships and frustrations. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. But truly having a peace about no more college {yes I know that it's been over since May 2008} and knowing that in the future, not only can I not be a child, but I will have a child is just all a little too much for me to really wrap my head around. Shifting seasons and mindsets has always been difficult for me, but I'm trying. I think there are things that I will always be nostalgic about, but currently these are the things I long for to happen again: school {not the work--just the fun stuff}, beach trips with my parents, the excitement of Christmas morning {I still get excited and love Christmas, just a more "grown-up" way} and carefree summer days. The bill paying part and being responsible part doesn't really bother me...I'm odd I know. I know there are seasons for a reason, and that God teaches us in every single one of for now, that's what I'm holding on to--the lesson God has for me.

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Phil said...

Im about to turn 24 and I dont really want to grow up either.

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