Thursday Ramblings


This post will be filled we nothing but my random thoughts of the day. That's right. These are just from today.

1. Is there a snack food or meal that when you eat it, it brings you back to your childhood? I have a multitude, but one sticks out in particular
Mrs. Freshley's Pecan Twirls. These are an absolute delight! They're sweet, but not too much so and they are the perfect size.  They remind me of my great-grandparents and that's always a pleasant memory

2. I love grapes, but hate all grape-flavored things except jelly. My biggest issue with the flavored stuff is that it doesn't taste a bit like grapes.

3. Along the same lines with jelly, in general, I prefer strawberry. But there is one large exception to that rule; PB&J's HAVE to be constructed with..wait for it...grape jelly! Can't explain it. That's just the way it is.

4. And finally, one thing that will always make me happy is having a vase of flowers on our kitchen table. It just makes it seem so fresh and open

1 i love your comments!:

short stack said...

great. now i have a craving for peanut butter and jelly. LOOK WHAT YOU DID!

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