Confession Time


So for those of you that remember this post may be somewhat surprised for what I am about to admit to the blogging world...

I have massive baby fever.

There! I said it! I myself am still in shock over this fact. I mean, I love babies and I knew that I would want one eventually. I just didn't think that eventually would be this soon. It also doesn't help that a large percentage of our friends are either already parents or about to be parents. I am always so happy to hear that one of our dear friends is expecting, but that longing feeling seems to always sneak into my heart. With this feeling only growing and not going anywhere, I told Andrew this week that I need for him to give me a solid window of time that we could start trying. So after discussing it for little bit on Tuesday night, we came up with what is the perfect time for us. And though the Lord may have other plans, we at least have an idea.

And yes, I know babies are a lot of work and they change your life, etc, etc. But I know that Andrew and I will be excellent parents...and it's not like we're having one tomorrow. So if that's all you can offer me, please do not.

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short stack said...


i never thought it would be this soon. when you get baby fever, pass it to me. b/c brett wants one more than i do, i think. not immediately. just.. in general, more than i do. he wants to build "baby athletes". so happy for you.

i <3 you, and miss you.

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