Fall Picks


I love clothes, but I am much more comfort over style kinda girl. But as the mornings become cooler and the days become shorter, I am starting to think about what my fall and winter wardrobe will consist of.
{via Old Navy}

I know that this color could be considered a little "bright" for fall, but I love the blue! I think that with the right jeans and flats, it's could be a perfect addition to my closet!

{via Old Navy}
I am sad to say that I am absolutely in love with this dress! It has all the perfect colors of fall and with some grey leggings and {again} cute flats...oh my goodness!

This is yet another item from Old Navy and yet again, I'm in love. And at $60, it's not a bad price for nice pea coat. They have several differnt colors, but I think this one looks the best.

{boots via here}

{via Target}

I've always loved boots and I love that they are a popular item this year for the cooler months. I plan on stocking up!

Any suggestions to complete my fall/winter closet?

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