"A fool vents all his feelings, but a wise man holds them back." Proverbs 29:11

This was the verse for the Proverbs 31 daily devotional that I received today. And it was today that I realized how much of a fool I can be. So many times I start out phone conversations with "I just need to vent" or walk into my office at work and say that to my office mate. As someone that is striving to learn more patience and how to give more grace, this is something I really need to work on. And I know this is one area I can't even attempt to do on my own.

{This is a excerpt from the devotional}

Words vented in frustration can seem so small.
Slightly disrespectful attitudes can seem so small.
Complaining about lack of finances can seem so small.
Brushing off his desires can seem so small.

How often do you find yourself thinking the same things? I know I do and it's much more frequent then I'd like to admit. Everyday I say things that I automatically wish I could take back, but unfortunately, that's not an option.  So you learn. You learn what to say, how to say it, when to say it and if it is really worth saying in the first place. I'm going to be honest for a moment and tell you something embarrasses me to type or even revisit in my mind; I am a drama queen. In my mind, I can take anything that someone {especially Andrew} says or the way they say it, and make it 10 times worse then it should ever be. And I overreact. I'll leave the room, shut slam the door and basically act like a child. And as soon as I do the first part of that, I realize how more often than not, I'm being a fool. But that's when pride steps in and I follow through with other two parts. It's embarrassing and I'm working on allowing God to move in me and calm myself down before I start acting like me. I'm not saying that it's not good to leave a room sometimes to stop yourself from saying something you will inevitably regret, but it's all in the way that you do and the reason you do. Sometimes there are reasons, but a lot of times in my case, there is no reason. I'm just acting childish.

I say all of that to say this, don't get prideful and don't get lazy. Not only in marriage, but all relationships. Don't brush it off, overreact or act any manner that isn't loving and respectful. God surrounds us with the people that can walk through seasons with us, wrap their arms around us and pray for us. Why jeopardize any of those things just so you can feel justified or make sure they know that you're upset. What worth does that hold?


2 i love your comments!:

amy (metz) walker said...

That's a good word-o-the-day, that's for sure...

Nicole said...

I definitely needed to hear this...especially after my "Nicole Sykes wants to punch someone" facebook status! LOL- thanks for posting this! :)

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