So 3 years ago...


{I realize before even starting this post, that most people that read my blog know mine and Andrew's engagement story and experienced our wedding day. But if there are any readers that don't know, here it is...}

Andrew and I started dating {officially} April 2, 2006, but our first kiss was definitely before that. So with that said, you could probably argue the starting date. I knew within the first 6 months that this was the man that I'd want to spend the rest of my life, but since I was only 21 at the time and still in school, that obviously wasn't going to happen. And I don't say that with any bitterness, because with both still need to grow up in different ways. And even though I knew the time would come when it was supposed to, I couldn't help but to feel anxious to have a diamond on my left ring finger. God gave Andrew so much patience during that season. He never got frustrated with me and he didn't do it until he knew that it was God's time for us.

October 13, 2007 started off with me helping a friend of mine pick out her wedding dress. I got to the bridal store early, so I called my mom to talk to her while I waited. I talked about Kaitlyn's wedding day and dress picking out and my mom asked me when did I think Andrew would ask me. I said I wasn't sure and she followed up with a question that really worried me; she asked if I thought it would be next year. My heart dropped! I couldn't believe he hadn't even talked to them yet! Because if he had, she wouldn't have asked that question. But shortly after that, the bride to be arrived so I had to stop worrying about the ring I had yet to receive and focus on the one she already had! That was the day I discovered just how overwhelming bridal stores can be. Everywhere you turn is white and taffeta. Whoa. After we finished scouring the racks and trying on multiple dresses, we parted ways and I headed down to Charlotte to see Andrew. On the way down, I called my mom and told her it was a good idea that I wasn't getting married right now because I would have no idea how to pick out a wedding dress.

When I got down to Charlotte, Andrew and I hopped right back in the car and picked up some Chic Fila. I assumed we'd just go back to his parents house to watch football, but when he suggested going to Winget Park, I thought nothing of it. So we ate and talked and enjoyed the nice fall weather. When we both finished, I asked if he was ready to go and  he said that he'd like to take a walk first. Again, I thought nothing of it and agreed. So we strolled down the walking trail until we got to a somewhat secluded part, and he stopped. So I stopped. Then he put his cup on the ground, straightened up, and took mine and put it on the ground. At this point, I was definitely a little confused. But he gave me a huge hug and told me he loved me. Then he held me at arms length and just looked at me for about 20 seconds in silence. Before I could question what he was doing, he dropped to one knee and pulled something out of his pocket. I couldn't even look down. I was so shocked and just kept asking "are you serious?". After the shock wore off a little, I realized he was talking and asking me to be his wife. Finally, it registered and I said yes. He stood up and placed the ring on my finger and embraced me once again. I then proceeded to inform him that we couldn't put it on Facebook because I wanted to tell our friends up at Appalachian in person. I called my mom {again} who, of course, had known all along and squealed and cried some more.

I loved our engagement day because it represented our relationship; sweet and simple.

I wouldn't have changed anything. And it was my most favorite day...until June 14, 2008 when I became a wife.

big cheesy smiles!

so happy
 I tell this story now because I love it and now that I'm married, I don't get to tell it anymore! So for those who didn't know it, now you do!

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