Wednesday Thoughts


I have no idea what to blog about, so you get to read the following...

  • With the temperatures finally falling past the 90 degree mark, I have pulled out my fall candles and Bath & Body Works Wallflowers. And I must say, surprisingly, the Creamy Pumpkin is my favorite for now.
  • I have officially been bitten by the craft bug and I want to create something else! Please let me know if you have any ideas...and keep in mind, I'm new to this, so be kind.
  • My friend Nicole also has been letting her creative juices flow and made her own planner. Now while some may wonder why make it when you can buy it, I love it! I can never find one that just suits everything I'm looking for {and I am picky}. So for $10 she is making one that is personalized and that is enough to make my week!
  •  Our yard has been drinking in all of this rain since Sunday and it makes my heart happy
  • Andrew & I are leaving on Friday to see our grandparents down in South Carolina. It will be so nice to spend some time with them as well as attend the Shrimp Festival {Andrew is really pumped for that}.
  • We have at least 1 fun, fall thing planned for every weekend of this month

  • I've decided that I want a birthday party on my birthday this year. Details to come

  • Next time I say I want to cut my hair short, please discourage me

  • Grey's Anatomy and Big Bang Theory season premiers were last week and they did not disappoint.

  • I started the newest Nicholas Sparks book "Safe Haven" and I'm enjoying it so far

And with that I'm done. If you have any suggestions for a more interesting blog post, please, I'm open to anything!

Happy Wednesday!

2 i love your comments!:

short stack said...

i would make one except i don't have a house (or even a porch) to hang it. :( boo.

short stack said...

also, christine (stepmom, duh) made a bunch of them and painted them and they look really awesome.

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