Apparently I Just Can't Get Enough


Many of you may know that I absolutely HATED our wedding pictures. I assure you that I'm not being dramatic. They were pretty terrible and because of that, I've been kind of obsessed really obsessed with getting pictures of us. We've had a couple of sessions with my dear friend Carly and yesterday we did some with one of my best friends, Allison. The reason for yesterdays "photo shoot" is because I love fall {shocker right?} and I wanted some pictures of us and this perfect season.  Here are just a few from yesterday afternoon

We went to Old Salem in Winston-Salem and had the best time. At least I did...I'm sure Andrew would try to disagree at least a little bit. The weather could not have been lovlier and the location was ideal! If you want to see more, here is Allison's blog. She is amazing to work with and as you can see, her work is excellent. So if you're engaged, pregnent, or just want a random photoshoot like yours truly, you can't go wrong!
Let me know what you think!

Unless you think I'm crazy and in that case, no need to tell me that. I already know.

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Andrea said...

beautiful. period.

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