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Ever heard of a Shrimp Festival?

Are you imagining what it could be? When I tried to imagine it, I pictured someone dressed up like a giant pink shrimp strolling around. Now after attending the 16th Annual Beaufort Shrimp festival, I can assure you that there is no one dressed up like a shrimp. Disappointed? I know I was. BUT what I did find were awesome photos, creative crafts and delectable treats!

However, I'm getting ahead of myself. First things first and Friday was first! Andrew and I got down to his grandparents around lunch time on Friday afternoon. We hung around and got settled in for most of the afternoon before heading to the club for dinner that night.

before dinner in my new favorite dress!
 Dinner was really good and we even got to meet some of his grandparents friends that also live on Dataw Island. I was actually brave with my entree selection and had a dish called Seafood en Croute and it looked something like a big pastry only filled with salmon, shrimp and scallops. It was really good...but not very pretty.  After dinner, we went back and relaxed around the house before calling it an early night. Like 9:30pm early. I have no idea what's up with that.

Saturday was Shrimp Festival day! It could not have been a prettier day for it either. We enjoyed perusing all of the craft tables and seeing what creative gifts God has given to others. I do not fall into the category. And let's be honest, what we were really there for was the food and it smelled incredible! The only problem; way too many choices!

my handsome hubbs and myself

I played it safe though and went with a crab cake sandwich from Barbara Jeans which is a restaurant Andrew's dad has told us about many times. Now I know the next time we go down, it is a definite must! Afterwards we went into a few shops in Beaufort before returning home to watch football and be lazy. Saturday's dinner was spent at the marina and came with a stunning sunset and great bowl of she-crab soup. A perfect ending to the day.

our awesome view


 If you have never walked on the beach in October, I highly recommend it. Andrew and I had almost the whole beach to ourselves and that paired with the clear blue skies had it resembling something pretty close to perfection.

So thankful for the time I had with my husband and grandparents! We are truly blessed!

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short stack said...

it's so beautiful! i want to go!

Mel said...

We are going at the end of the month with Dad! I can't wait. I am actually the bad grand-daughter, I've never been =(...

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