Rise & Sweat


So I'm sure that there are many things that I could be classified for what I'm about to say.

I enjoy getting up at 4:45am and going to the gym.

So, I'm guessing that words like insane and crazy are floating through your brain right about now. But it's true. I really have been enjoying it! The best part is that I'm done at the gym before my day ever really gets started. Now don't get me wrong, the first thought that runs through my head when my alarm goes off is not a pretty one. But once I've opened my eyes and reminded myself of the benefits of getting it out the way, my thoughts are a lot nicer.

The reason for starting this insane morning regimen is because I have too many reasons excuses in the evening to keep up a regular workout schedule. Since starting the morning workout, I can enjoy my evenings at home or getting other things taken care of.

I'm sure you're currently on the other side of the computer screen shaking your head and wondering if I should go get a CT Scan or something of that nature. But I'm just saying, you can't knock till you try it...and it's totally worth trying.

5 Tips
  1. Mentally prepare. When I am getting ready for bed the night before, I tell myself that skipping the gym is not an option. I also ask the Lord for strength and discipline that only He can give to help me get up
  2. Don't hit the snooze button. Though this should be a rule anyways, I know that if I linger under the sheets, getting woken up that early will be pointless b/c then I won't have time to have a good workout
  3. Have everything ready for that morning. I have to lay everything out on our dresser so it's easy to access and it's ready for me {even though I'm not ready for it}
  4. Focus on how it feels. I have debates with myself in the morning...but then I remind myself how accomplished I feel after a workout. As hard as it may be to get up and moving, I don't regret a workout!
  5. Energy. It's true. I can tell I have more energy in general when I get up and go in the morning. Caffine and I have become close these past couple of days, but as a whole--much more energized.


I challenge you {if your schedule can allow it} to try early morning workouts for a week. I'm not saying it has to be at 5:15 because if it can be at 6:15, I'll be jealous. But I promise, you will not regret it!
Good  luck!

2 i love your comments!:

Unknown said...

how exciting i found your blog! I am glad you liked the pumpkin spice cookies--i thought they were great too! Now I am excited I can follow you guys on your journey of life (via your blog :)

--Charity Palmer

Andrea said...

hats off to you dear friend!!! I did the whole morning thing a couple times and it seriously wipes me OUT! I NEED to get my ever-growing hiney back in the gym but I guess I'm just not ready to give up my sporadic aerobic "schedule" (like 1-3 times every few months- haha- like that really does any good)! ;)

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