Christmas Cards!!!


Probably 2 months after hubby and I were married, I said that we absolutely had to do Christmas cards.

That was in August.

Two years later, I feel the same way. Is there better way to send love and Christmas joy to your family and friends?

I think not!

Shutterfly always has so many ways to display pictures; from prints, photobooks, calendars and so many others. And because of such, it is that reason our little family's Christmas cards will be coming from them! The only problem now is which layout and seasonal design!

Here are a couple of options:



The other issue I face is if the picture will just be hubbs and myself or if we are including our 4-legged children! Seriously. It's a tough decision for me. But regardless of who will be featured on our cards, I know that they'll look great and the quality will be high...because everything I have ever received from Shutterfly has only been such! So if you're thinking about sending Christmas cards, I HIGHLY suggest going this way! You won't be disappointed.

And please, if you have an opinion on the above choices, I'm open to anything!

I love this time of year!

1 i love your comments!:

Nicole said...

I love the first option and that way you can include two pictures!! One of you and the hubs during one of your fab photo sessions of the year & another of your furry babies in their Christmas get-up! :) Problem solved! You're welcome! ;)

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