The MOST Wonderful Time...


My favorite season is fast approaching. A season in which tears of joy {and sometimes sadness} are spilled. Where my excitement cannot be contained no matter how hard I try. And most importantly, when my life seems to be a little more complete.

No I'm talking about Christmas {though is definitely up there}.

The season that I am referring to is none other than college basketball! I'm guessing that if you didn't think I was crazy before, you're rethinking that right about now. I can't help it though! I am giddy just thinking about it. Though practice officially started almost a month ago, most games have yet to make their way to national television. And although some have, the most important team has not been able to be seen..

...until Friday. That's right folks, the University of North Carolina Tar Heels will be going up against Lipscomb University {I didn't say it was going to be a big game} this Friday at 7:00. After an absolute dismal season in 2009, I have been waiting for this for what feels like an eternity. I have high hopes for this season; by no means do I think they'll be making a run for the National title, but I'm hoping for a better record than 20-17 {5-11}.

After acquiring a recruit whose accolades include 2010 Morgan Wootten National Player of the Year, 2010 Jordan All-American, 2010 Mr. Basketball in Iowa and the number 1 from ESPNU Rankings Class of 2010, I'm interested to see what comes of this year.

Here's to happy hoops!

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