A New Chapter!


So as you may remember from this post, I was a little worried about my job situation once the project I'm currently working on ended.

Well not anymore!

Starting December 6th, I will be an employee at the international law offices of K&L Gates!

I am so excited! I think that this will be a great opportunity and I'm going to learn so much. My official title is Business Development Assistant and the BD department is focused mainly on marketing and events {right up my alley}. It's funny because for months now I've said that I'd love to work Uptown and now I get the opportunity to do so. Hubby thought I was crazy, but I think that I'll enjoy it immensely. So with that said, please be praying that the transition will be as close to flawless as possible!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement. I know that God's timing is perfect, but the unknown can still be a scary place to be!

At least I know that I'm never alone.

1 i love your comments!:

Jennifer said...

You are soooo going to miss me! Just call me before 9 am if you need some grouchiness in your day....

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