Now That Was Fun


{This should've been written  before last nights debacle}


That was the final score of the North Carolina and Hofstra game on Thursday night. It was the first time Carolina had score 100+ in 44 games. It was something that happened more often than not. It was what they were known for. But last season shifted what "normal" Tar Heel basketball was.

But Thursday night was different. Thursday night I witnessed a team play together, have fun and fight. Again, something that was not to frequent last year.

Thursday night I saw an 18 year old live a dream and score 19 points while doing it.

Thursday night gave me hope for the season. It let me and more importantly, the guys on the court see what they're capable of. Last year is done. It was terrible and it happened, but it is over.

Thursday night was the start of something new.

Thursday night was not a one man show. 6...count it, 6 guys scored in double figures and there was a total of 29 assists. That is a team. Not one or two players trying to do it on their own. A team playing for the same thing; a win.

Thursday night...was fun.

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