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Ever since I've started at K&L, I feel so disconnected from the blogging world! Before, I had ample time to  blog about  anything. Things that no one would even want to read, but I still wrote about it. Now I feel that since my post are going to be more sporadic, I'll need to write about things that hold more substance.

After this random rambling one of course!

I'm still shocked that Christmas is a mere week and a half away! I don't want it to end. I love our tree and all of our Christmas knick-knacks around the house. I love driving home listening to Christmas music and seeing more houses than not lit up in our neighborhood. I love that as I'm typing, I'm moving my foot to the beat of Vince Guaraldi Trio's, A Charlie Brown Christmas. I FINALLY got our Christmas cards our today.

Please count how many times I've said Christmas in such a short paragraph...

Anyways, this past Sunday, Andrew and I drove the snow to the Biltmore Estate. Neither one of us had ever been, so it was perfection to see it at Christmas time and for there to be snow falling from the sky and already covering the ground. I was so upset though, because I realized on the drive up, we had forgotten to charge the camera battery! Despite that, we still got some great pictures.
he always squints! but still so cute

the Biltmore!

It was bitter cold by the time we left! But we had an amazing time and we're already planning to go back in the spring {with a fully charged camera battery}. I have loved being able to do Christmas activities for the past 2 weekends and being surrounded by snow. It's so great. This weekend we'll be at my grandparents for their Christmas party and then dinner on Sunday with some great friends that we never get to see enough of! This really is my most favorite time of year!

And of course I can't forget to mention that Carolina is on a whopping 3 game winning streak! 2 of the 3 weren't that huge {other than they were just a win}, but the win against Kentucky was much needed! This Saturday the Tar Heels will take on the Longhorns of Texas in Greensboro. Here's to hoping the winning streak can be extended to 4...

Harrison Barnes

Dexter Strickland

Hubby and I will be going to Chapel Hill on January 2nd for a game and I can't wait!

And with that, my random rambling post is done! I will certainly try to post after this weekend!

I hope everyone is enjoying everything that this season has to offer...it is truly magical...

“Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel” (which means, God with us).--Matthew 1:23

{all UNC images via here}

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CAC muffin said...

oh the biltmore is even more beautiful in the snow! what a lovely picture

Anonymous said...

J'ai appris des choses interessantes grace a vous, et vous m'avez aide a resoudre un probleme, merci.

- Daniel

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