First Week!


Whew! Just finished my first week at my new adventure! It flew by and I really enjoyed it.

Monday was the typical first day; lots of information that I'll never remember, but that all has to be given. And Tuesday through Friday was becoming more acclimated to what I'll be doing and getting just a taste of what all happens in a law firm.

I really like my boss and the BD coordinator. I think even though this job will come with stresses and challenges, we're going to make a great team. My boss told me on Friday that once I get a better understanding of what we do, she wants me to take on a lot of the PR side which is exactly what I want!

I know that the coming months will stretch me and my brain in ways that it's never gone. But I'm ready to face that head on.

This is the big mama jamma building that I get to go to every morning. It's 47 floors and K&L Gates occupies the 41st through the 47th. My office is on the 45th floor and the views are amazing. Not that I have a window...but I totally look out of other peoples :) It's really convenient  to stores and restaurants.

Another huge perk of working uptown and the location of my building is that I get to ride the train. This was a huge draw for me because I absolutely hate traffic and the majority of drivers in the Queen City. It's a great way to decompress and just to sit and relax a the end of the day. AND my train pass is subsidized! That is a huge perk and I am so thankful for it.

It's funny for me to look back over the the few months before I was offered this position and the stress I would feel at times. I know that God is a provider and that His timing is perfect...but in those moments, those facts were completely lost on me. I didn't know what to think. Hubby kept assuring me that a job would come, but I kept saying to him that God could not give me a job and use the time as season for us to grow and be stretched. And though I know that would've been a great learning season, I am so thankful that He blessed us in this way.

My times are in Your hands...
--Psalm 31: 15

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