We Decked The Halls!


The season is upon us! Since the day after Thanksgiving, I've slowly be spreading Christmas sprinkles around our home. And this weekend it was completed! We left around 10 on Saturday morning to make the 2 hour hike up to Boone. And much to our delight, we were greeted with fluffy flakes falling from the sky. It was a certifiable winter wonderland and it was positively perfect!

{are you loving all of my alliteration?}

Once we pulled into Boone, we stopped for lunch at Chic Fila which was quite a task with 11 of us!

sweet niece
equally sweet nephew
After lunch, we drove in the slushy roads and the snow filled sky to a picturesque Christmas tree farm rightfully called, What Fir.  It was slightly overwhelming to see all of the Frazier Firs poking out of the snow covered ground. But nevertheless, we found a great one!
beautiful snow covered trees!

i think this is the perfect one!

After tree picking out, it was time to actually enjoy the snow and watch our nieces and nephews have a great time. And I have to tell you, seeing children enjoy snow and Christmas activities, made it that much more special. It makes me excited to know hubby and I will get to experience that one day with our own little ones...someday.
ready to attack

nephew was ready to escape...still cute picture

they're joy is unexplainable

Once everyone was thoroughly worn out, cold and wet, we piled back into the cars and hit the snowy roads. We made a pit stop to the outlets in Blowing Rock and I got a cute J.Crew shirt for $15 and a Banana Republic shirt for $10! They were both on clearance and then it was additional 40% off. Love when that happens! After church on Sunday {which was great as usual}, we finished turning our home into a Christmas village.
finished product!


a section of the mantle
We finished off the day with a great dinner and each others company. It was a great weekend!

I love this time of year!

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