55 & Still Going Strong


After the debacle that was Georgia Tech, I was a little apprehensive as to how the next game would go. What made the apprehension grow was the simple fact that it was against Clemson. At home. Where the Tar Heels had never lost.

54 games straight where the Clemson Tigers had go home knowing that there would be an 'L' on the schedule next to "at North Carolina"

But this year was different. Clemson had won 8 games in row coming into the Dean Dome on Tuesday night and Carolina was having a rough season so far to say the least.  It was not a given for either team. Carolina had history on it's side. But history is not always enough.

Now, I realize that in every game of every sport the goal is the same; to win. But this game is different. When a streak is on the line, everything is magnified. Clemson coaches are in the locker room saying the same thing as Coach Roy and company: we HAVE to win. Both teams have something to prove. Clemson wants to prove that they can actually win in Chapel Hill and that they don't fall apart at the start of conference play. Carolina needs to prove that the 2010-2011 season is not a duplicate of the one that came before it. And that the poorly played game just 2 nights before does not dictate what will happen on the hardwoods that night.

So needless to say, emotions were high. And injuries added to those emotions. Clemson lost one of their top players early in the first, while Justin Watts sprained his ankle with about 2 minutes left in the game. Leslie McDonald {aka the "next Danny Green"}, the Tar Heel's top scoring reserve, was out for the game as a precaution with a back contusion that he suffered during the aforementioned debacle. But regardless of the unexpected, Carolina came out on top with a final score of 75-65 and the streak continued.

{This article is a great one with some true emotion attached to it.}

love to see defense being played

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