And Then Last Night...


2-0 in the league is how the Tar Heels started the game against Georgia Tech last night.

2-1 is how they left.

It was an ugly game from start to finish. And not that the first 2 wins in the conference were pretty by any means, but at least the result was a winning one. And this team just makes me scratch my head. Just like last season, there are those moments where everything comes together and the season is starting to look up.

And then last night happens and that all goes down the drain.  And it's not like there is just one thing that could fix these games. It's a culmination of bad passes, poorly executed shots and dismal defense. But again, there are seconds, minutes and sometimes entire halves where all of the aforementioned is perfect and I remember what Carolina basketball is all about.

And then last night happens.

The most frustrating is that you know the talent is there. We have a player that was voted as the first freshman {so clearly it was earned} preseason All American and a player that was a member of the 2009 championship team.  Talent is not the issue. The issue is getting the talent to play together and to their potential.

There is  still a lot of time left in this season and I have to hope that last night was as bad as it's going to get...

"At halftime usually there is something that we change to get better and tonight we made those changes and we didn’t come out with the enthusiasm and intensity that we needed,”-- Tyler Zeller 

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