Day 17 & 18


too sweet for words

winter and i are not on speaking terms. i'm ready to wear this dress!

1 i love your comments!:

Rachel said...

Don't be discouraged about the Shred. I have it too. It usually takes about a month to comfortably do level 1--I've taken a poll, don't worry hahah. So if you move on to Level 2 in less than a month then you are doing better than aLOT of us.

That dress is really cute. Wish I could wear strapless stuff!

And as for the photography thing, Try using the different settings you have. it's not so much about the subject as it is the creative ways you can tell a story with something mundane. My friend and I did this for a year as well. The exploring with functions is what makes it fun! Hope that helps.

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