Snow Day!


I am pretty certain that no matter how old I get, having a snow day is something that will never get old. The weather folks have been screaming about a "winter storm" for a few days now and around 3:30am it came true. When my alarm went off this {monday} morning, I leaned over and peeked out the blinds and was greeted with a winter wonderland! And to top it off, after coming back in from taking the pups out, I had a voice mail letting me know that my office was closed for the day.

Oh, happy day indeed!

Needless to say, we all curled back up in the bed for about another hour and a half. It was more or less the perfect way to start off Monday morning.

Around 8, I got out of bed and "started" my day. And by started, I mean I moved from the bed to the couch. Shortly after that when hubby got out of bed, I made biscuits and turkey sausage and wrapped up in a blanket to keep watching the snow. Then we finally bundled up again and took the dogs out. It is hysterical to watch them play in the snow. You wouldn't think that 2 dogs that have grown up in this southern climate for their entire lives would like cold, wet snow...but they do! can you not love that face??

chasing each other
Once they were worn out and we were wet and cold, we came back inside, got a fire going and got myself a mug of hot cocoa and my book.

In other words, perfection ensued once we got back inside.
please excuse the pale skin and the lack of makeup

Rest of the day; just as lazy as the start of it. And I loved it.

Here's to hoping Tuesday can be identical...I'm not holding my breath though.

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Rachel said...

Tooo fun! I sat and stared at the snow falling all day yesterday. It really never gets old =) I hope there are many more this year =)

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