Thoughts to Kick Off the Week


  1. We have recently purchased the first 3 seasons of Boy Meets World and I have to say, that it's possible that I love it more than I did as a kid
  2.  In other recent purchases, we finally took the plunge and invested in some new living room furniture. It was so wonderful not having to purchase any right away, but it was time to move on from the hand-me-downs
  3. As you may have noticed, I've started the "365 Project" and it is way harder than I thought. I keep telling myself once it's lighter longer and warms up, I'll have more subjects {if you will}. But if I'm being honest, this is harder than I thought it would be
  4. Hubby & I have also started the task of reading the entire Bible in a year. Much more of a challenge than it should be, but I'm loving it. 
  5. I've recently become engrossed in John Grisham novels. Seriously, they're awesome. 
  6. We have more weddings, trips and babies {not ours} happening and arriving in 2011 than any other year I can remember. I'm pretty pumped about all of those things
  7. Is it weird that I still miss my Christmas decorations?
  8. I'm trying to up my dress quota, and I think I'm doing a pretty good job. I just got this dress for summer and I am pumped

Happy Monday!
      p.s. you have no idea how hard it is for me to end this list at #8 and not go to #10, but surprisingly enough, that pretty much covers all my randomness. Imagine that

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