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The Lord blessed me with many things, but the ability to do my own hair was something He skipped over.

And I'm okay with that.

Truly I am. It's just a tad frustrating at times considering the type of hair I have. It's thick and crazy. But only when I'm in control. When I am getting it trimmed or cut, it behaves {could be the person handling it}, but once the responsibility is turned back over to me, frizz alert!

I shouldn't complain because when it wants to behave, it curls beautifully or obeys the straightener. However, my hair has a mind of it's own and I feel as though I've tried everything...

...until today. Yesterday I went downstairs to the Aveda salon that's in our building and bought two products from their Smooth Infusion line and I am converted. I mean, I have always loved Aveda products {just not the price tag attached to it}, but I will most definitely be buying this stuff again.

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I am not made of money, so no, I did not buy everything pictured above. I bought the shampoo and the "Glossing Straightener" and it was well worth it. It smells clean and my hair didn't get frizzy or flat. I've used other straightening products that absolutely weigh my hair down and that drives me crazy. This was the perfect balance of what I needed and wanted without stepping into the "too much" category. 

Now, I'm not saying this will work for everyone that has thick, curly/wavy hair, but it certainly got my stamp of approval! 

{This is my opinion that I decided to share on my own; I was not compensated in anyway}

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