And the March Begins


Some folks may think that March Madness doesn't begin until conference tournaments or even Selection Sunday.

These folks, would be wrong.

This is a process that begins never stops. It is continuous. College basketball may end for some in early April, but for many, the lack of analysts and brackets doesn't mean the end has arrived.

I am one of those people that start counting the weeks until "midnight madness". I read too many articles and know too many numbers that in the end will get me nowhere in the real world. But I do it. I cannot explain it, but like ESPN says, "it's not crazy, it's sports".

However, I do recognize that one has to possess a certain level of insanity to love sports. But with that said, I go back to the subject at hand; March Madness. As I said before, I love and hate this time of year. Part of the reason I hate I blame purely on the level of insanity I possess. I love college basketball all the time. Not just throughout the month of March and it irrationally bugs me that once brackets come out, "fans" and "experts" just start popping out...please realize that, yes, I do know it's irrational. 

Needless to say, though, brackets are abounding, money is being put on the line {not by me} and offices around America are about to become a lot less productive. And it is a beautiful time of year.  Carolina is playing their 2nd & {hopefully} 3rd round {used to be 1st & 2nd} games here in Charlotte and I'm hoping that the "home court" advantage will shine through. 

Enough rambling for today...what about you? Do you do brackets? Bet money? Do you look at field goal percentages or jersey colors? Please humor me and my irrational insanity!

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