Beyond Clutch


To say that this season's Tar Heel squad has had some ups, downs and in-betweens, would be an understatement to the greatest  degree. It's been a team that can be victorious by 30 and be embarrassed by 20. It's been a season of shocking moments, unexpected departures and growing pains that I've never seen another team persevere through in one year.

Wednesday night's victory against the Florida State Seminoles was heart-stopping, gasp-provoking, yelling-so-loud-your-throat-hurts-the-next day kind of game. It was also eerily similar to a game that took place on January 28, 2009. Except instead of having 3 seconds on the clock, the sound of the buzzer was all that you heard. And a mature, well developed junior instead of a young forward, took that game winning shot.

As each game has passed, this team has grown as well as taken steps backwards. My love and admiration, though,for this squad and this coaching staff has only grown. I have finally been able to let go of last season, remember what the Carolina tradition truly is and look forward to what the future holds for these Tar Heels.

In less than four and a half hours, the Duke Blue Devils will take the court inside the Dean Dome to face five guys that have something to prove and more than anything, something to gain; respect. Over and over this team has been questioned from their heart to their ability to score. Now is the time to silence the critics and the unbelievers in this teams talent.

Roy Williams had no idea what he would go through this season with these guys and these guys had no idea what they would go through together. But when the clock ticks down to zero and the buzzer sounds, a regular season champion will be determined.

For these Tar Heels, that is not even close to being enough. That is not the banner they want hanging from the rafters when this season is over.

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