When the final buzzer sounded in the nerve wracking game that was Carolina-Miami, there was no question that we're in March. And though I've seen Carolina teams rally, I'm not sure I can ever recall a game like yesterdays.  For instance, never in the depths of my memory can I recall five {count it, five} walk-ons coming in midway through the FIRST half. If I'm being honest, I questioned Roy's sanity at that moment. Never mind the fact that the five guys that had been on the court did not deserve to be there at that moment in time, but walk-ons? In the first half? In the ACC tournament?


I do not mean to sound cold hearted because I love when those guys that sit in the last five {give or take} chairs at the end of the bench get to rip off their warm-ups and take the court. But let me reiterate; first half of an ACC tournament game and not a scholarship player to be found on those hardwoods from the Carolina bench. Needless to say, I'm not sure I took a breath for roughly 120 seconds. But when those two minutes were done, no damage was done, and those guys got to play in the first half of an ACC tournament game. And when those two minutes were done, things somehow got worse. Like, down by 19 points worse. And at moments like that, I wish I was a bandwagon fan or some variation because then I could've just walked away and just checked later to see what the final score was.

But no. Not the case. I was fairly silent and still for the last 16 minutes of that game, going between crying, throwing something or doing something like this...

But then something happened at the 7:13 mark in the second half. The momentum started to swing. And within a minute, instead of being down by 16, they were down by 7. The final run? 27-6 in nine minutes and 55 seconds...

Conference and the NCAA tournaments are unique unto themselves. Teams that should win don't and the name Cinderella takes on a whole new meaning. Anything can happen in March and that's why the word 'madness' follows it. Emotions and stakes are high. Win or go home. Fight or get beat. Does not matter how big the margin of victory is or how high the final score is {hello, Wisconsin-Penn State anyone}.

With that said, Tyler Zeller's layup to put the Heels up 61 to 59 was the first lead of the game for Carolina.  But what is the point of leading the whole game if you're not leading in the end? Answer; there is none.

Carolina is moments away from facing the Clemson Tigers for the third time this season. Statistics, predictions, historical data means nothing at this point.

This is March and anything can happen.

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