Love/Hate Relationship


The Big Dance. March Madness. And simply, the NCAA Tournament.  This time of year can have many different names, but it's all means the same; the beginning of the end. I love and hate it. I love it for the excitement and multiple days of continuous college basketball. I hate it for the fact that as I said, it's the beginning of the end. There is officially less than a month left in the 2010-2011 college basketball season and that's always a hard thing to accept. From early October to early April {sometimes} my weeks are defined by the ups and downs that is college basketball. And more specifically, the ups and downs of the University of North Carolina. 
"I would like to remind you that 48 days ago Georgia Tech was thrashing Carolina, 78-58 in Atlanta. The Tar Heels were 12-5 overall and 2-1 in the league...They now stand here 24-6 and 14-2."..Adam Lucas {March 5, 2011}
To say that I'm anxious for the game against Miami tomorrow is an understatement. Yes, I know that this Tar Heel team has already defeated the Hurricanes once this season, but something comes out in a team when it's an all or nothing situation. And for this seasons Miami Hurricanes, that is exactly what it is; either win or go home and look forward to football season.

So tomorrow at noon, I expect to feel something similar to consuming 10 cups of coffee.  There is a fine line separating excitement and nervousness and insanity and I will tread that line from here on out. So with that said, please wish me luck tomorrow in my work productivity.

And above all else...GO HEELS!

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