Unexpected Day Off


With the weather changing and tress and flowers blooming, I've woken up every morning for a week congested and with my head feeling as though it weighs ten pounds more than it should. Yesterday morning was the breaking point for me and I decided to just stay home and rest. Another contributing factor to that decision was just needing a mental break. My job is by no means stressful {I mean it has it's moments as does any job}, but I was starting to feel as though I never had enough time in the day to do everything that needed to be done. And that my dear friends is a terrible feeling.

So yesterday morning, I started my internal list of things to do and this is what I accomplished:
  • grocery shopping
  • cleaning the fridge out {this shoulda been done awhile ago..}
  • several loads of laundry 
  • general straightening of the house
  • a nap
  • a cardio workout {that was hard enough, weights were NOT happening}
  • cooked a great dinner {if I do say so myself!}
  • AND my nails are now ready for the tournaments

Yes I am so serious. In my grocery shopping trip to Target yesterday, I passed this color and knew I had to have it. After getting those things done and just being able to rest, I feel better than I have in weeks. It was just what I needed and after such a productive day at home, I'm ready to go and be productive at work for the next 2 days!

Happy Thursday!

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