Confessional Thursday


I promise these types of posts won’t become a trend and I only have 2 confessions…

1. I have never, ever read “To Kill A Mockingbird”.

I’m pretty sure that’s borderline Un-American. Not be dramatic or anything. But seriously, I have not. In high school we watched the movie. Hello, public school. And though I often didn’t read everything we were supposed to {oops}, I think we watched the movie in lieu of reading Harper Lee’s bestselling, Pulitzer Prize winning novel.

That makes sense.

Regardless, it’s next on my book list, so hopefully those reading and judging won’t think as poorly of me.

2. I am not the least bit interested in the Royal Wedding.

If the first confessional didn’t warrant gasps of horror and scowls of disapproval, I bet this one did. 

But I am honestly not. I’m so glad that they’re in love and want to stand before God, friends and family…and the whole world to declare that. That is wonderful and I pray that they have a blessed marriage. And that’s pretty much the end of my concern for this wedding. 

I either personally know or know of people that are getting up at insane hours to watch it, go to or host parties for it and even travel to public venues to watch it with a whole bunch of strangers.

All of this will be around 4 o’clock {EST}. 4 a.m. that is. That’s right. 4 in the morning. To watch a wedding. More power to those that are doing that.

I just don’t get it. But, I’m sure there are people that don’t get how I don’t get it. So I guess we’re even.

via ABC News
So what about you? Have you read To Kill a Mockingbird or are you as uncultured as I am? And will you be getting up at an insane hour to witness Will and Kate exchange vows?

I’d love to hear {read} your confessions for this Wednesday!


5 i love your comments!:

Beth Hoffman said...

I agree about the Royal Wedding; it holds almost no interest for me. Other than wanting to see the hats (I love hats), I wouldn't watch any of it.

I will, however, wear my OWN tiara all day tomorrow.

Jordy Liz said...

#1 is my favorite book of all time!

#2, I agree with. But I will record it and watch it at a decent hour on MY time. :)

Megan said...

I'm not really that interested in the wedding either. I'm definitely NOT getting up early to watch it. I think it will be fun to see what she wears though!

christine donee said...

1. I loved that book. You talking about it sort of makes me want to read it again.

2. I don't care about it either. Everyone else seems to though. Weird.

Nicole said...

How about I didn't read ANY book in my entire high school career that I was supposed to. Spark Notes were my best friend! I am a horrible, horrible person.

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