The End of an Era


For those out there that never got to hear Woody Durham call a Carolina football or basketball game, I’m sad for you. This man who had a gift and who used it well. He had a way of making you feel like you were at half court or on the 50-yard line instead of perched in front of a radio. He had a calming effect while simultaneously expressing the intensity and excitement that was happening right in front of him.
He also did what so many of us will never get to do; live out our dream. How amazing to wake up every morning for 41 years knowing that you genuinely loved what you were doing. Throughout his career, Durham’s voice carried through speakers for 1,805 games for the Tar Heels including 23 bowl games, 13 Final Fours and six basketball title games.
This past Tuesday, Woody Durham announced his retirement to a shocked and saddened Tar Heel Nation. It is truly the end of an era and he will be deeply missed on game days when someone else travels through the radio speakers. 
 But I will still go where I go and do what I do...and he will get to do the same.
"I'm retiring from doing the games," Durham pointed out. "I am not retiring from Carolina."

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