Lessons When You're Not Looking


As you may remember from this post, I enjoy reading. I have turned into that person that can't leave the library with no less than 4 books. Mind you, half of those will get taken back after I've gotten about 3 pages in, but I waltz out of the library with the best intentions. With that said, last week I unknowingly grabbed a book that would become one of my favorites.

I am ashamed to tell you guys that I totally judge a book by it's cover, and while this one doesn't seem like it would offer life lessons, it does. The journey of young CeeCee is one I can't imagine, even as an adult. But this story will wrap its arm's around you from the first page and does not let go even after you closed the back cover.  Below are just a handful of quotes that struck me as worth remembering and repeating:
"Don't grow up to fast, darling. Age is inevitable, but if you nurture a childlike heart, you'll never ever grow old."
"Don't go wasting all them bright tomorrows you ain't even seen by hanging on to what happened yesterday. Let go, child. Just breathe out and let go." 
"Oysters are a lot like women. It's how we survive the hurts in life that brings us strength and gives us our beauty."
I would name the characters that said those thought provoking sentences, but it wouldn't mean much if you haven't read the book. So, really your only option is to read it. I promise you, you'll enjoy it. It may or may not become one of your favorites as it has mine, but you won't regret it.

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Beth Hoffman said...

This is so lovely! Thank you for reading my book and your kind words, I'm tickled that you enjoyed it!

Jordy Liz said...

oh i almost bought this book and then didn't! now i'm bummed i missed out. :( i'll have to add it to my list.

a boy a girl and a pug said...

thanks for the book recommendation...i'll need to add that to my list!

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