Making Cents of it All...


I could be alone in this, but there are times where I feel like I'm "growing up" all the time. Or at least trying to.

Does that make sense?

For instance, budgets and finances? STILL trying to grasp these things and know that just because the money is there, does not mean I have to spend it. It's not that I'm out buying the almost $500 Kate Spade bag that I want, but I must feel like it's a crime to leave Target without spending $25 or more. And while $25 alone isn't a lot, it adds up.


So, yeah. I'm trying to grow up more in recognizing my spending habits and how they affect our household. Because it's not just me and my's mine and the hubbs and eventually children. Whew. Reason enough to make smarter, more "grown up" decisions when I crack open my wallet.

And though you and your family have you own system or know these by heart, I thought I'd share a couple of the tips I found today:
  1. Spend every dime on paper before the month begins. Translation: create a budget of what you're going to spend and where you're spending it...and stick to it!
  2. Over-fund your grocery category. Most people underfund {according to Dave Ramsey}. I'm trying to get back on track with weekly menus because I know that will really help with this area
  3. Stop the "money leaks". These are the miscellaneous items that may seem small, but add up.
  4. Create a paper trail. Write down even your smallest daily expenses and see how your spending your money. This is probably very similar to a food diary. 
  5. Allow yourself an allowance {so to speak}. I have friends that do this and I'm totally going to start. After seeing how much I spent on coffee and random Target trips, I need to limit the amount I can spend each month on unnecessary things.
What about you?  Any financial gurus out there, self proclaimed or otherwise? Are there any budgeting rules that you live by and want to pass along? I would love some tips and success stories!

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Brittney said...

Great tips! Looks like we are in this together!

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