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Sadly, I had not even heard of Etsy until last year.

My, how I missed out! But I'll be honest; I am a luster and lurker of Etsy and not as much of a purchaser. Last night though, I found a necklace that I knew I had to have!
I love these necklaces and so I ordered this one from A Sign of the Times with a black ribbon. Once I actually get it, I'll be able to give a true opinion.

I wish I would have known about all the treasures awaiting to be discovered on this site when I was planning my wedding, because I'm pretty sure I could have used my entire budget on all of the cute things!

Puddle Kids
There are a million other things, but honestly, I may still get one of those pictures with the wedding date. They're kinda too awesome not to. I can peruse Etsy for nothing in particular and want to buy $100 worth of things. Not good.

If you've had any awesome finds, please share!

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Courtney B said...

I agree! I wish I had known about etsy before getting married! There's always the CUTEST stuff!
That necklace is gorgeous!

Nicole said...

I love Etsy but have no idea where to begin when browsing! You found some awesome finds...You'll have to Etsy shop for me IF I ever get married! :)

Megan said...

I just love love LOVE Etsy!! I got a lot of stuff from there for my wedding. I love that you can basically customize anything that you want!!

short stack said...


i've been addicted for far too long. and i've also spent far too much $.

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