Another Reason


I could probably write a long list of reasons of how and why I know I'm not ready to be a mom, but last night solidified an already withstanding reason; lack of sleep.

Now I do not consider myself a lazy person (most of the time), but I like my sleep and I tend to miss it when I don't get it. Last night, around 1:30, I was woken up by the sound of one of our sweet pups sick to their stomach. I look up, use my phone as a makeshift flashlight and see Dani by the door throwing up. She got sick roughly 5  or 6 times last night and I got roughly 5 hours of sleep. Like I said, I like my sleep and 5 hours if for sure not enough. And poor Andrew was the one that stayed up the longest with her, so I don't really have the right to say anything about being tired.

This morning after consuming my rather large cup of coffee, I got to thinking about how moms do that on a regular basis. Not once in awhile, but sometimes nightly. For all the moms out there, I already respected all that you do, but after attempting to function on such a minimal amount of sleep, that respect skyrocketed.

And though I may not have a "real" baby right now, this fur-baby needed me last night and how could I have anything but love for this ridiculous sweet, cute face?!


I Confess!


After reading Megan's post, I decided to join in and confess!

I confess...I may or may not be addicted to Mystic Tan. Though I've only gotten it once, I've been strategically planning my next visit(s)

I confess...I get a little too excited when I think about Christmas and getting to use all the decorations I bought at the end of the season last year.

I confess...I sometimes try to see how long I can go without washing my hair in a week...but I promise I shower everyday!

I confess...the gym has not seen my face in a week.

I confess...I'd like to move to Chicago someday

I confess...I get irrationally annoyed at slow walking people.

I confess...I'm a little too impatient some a lot of the time

I confess...I was a little sad when I saw I had lost a follower on my blog today! I don't have many to begin with, so one is kinda a big deal!

Want to confess something into the blogosphere? Link up to Rissy!

Happy Tuesday!

Learning to Handle the Seasons


“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.” -- C.S. Lewis

Almost without a doubt, I would have to say that the hardest part of growing up, is realizing that some relationships are seasonal. When going into a friendship or community of people, you typically don't enter expecting that the relationships that grow will some day fade or go away entirely. At least I don't. I knew that when I went to Appalachian State in 2004, that I would leave in 2008 or thereabouts. But little did I know that when I stepped onto that campus in the small town of Boone, that I would make some of the most life changing relationships that I've ever had to date.

I met my husband, made new friendships and existing friendships became stronger. I left high school fully aware that I would probably not speak to most of my graduating class when it was all said and done. I realize this is not how it is for everyone, but I left knowing that, accepting it and felt not remorse about it. College is where you meet the friends that last...the ones that will stand beside you through the years and seasons to come.

At least that's what I thought and to an extent, I would say that I still believe it to be true. I made some amazing friends that I still consider some of my best. The ones that I will want there when tears of joy and celebration are shed and the ones that I want when tragedy will inevitably strike.  But truthfully, many of the friends and relationships that I held in my years at App State are now only communicated with and through Facebook comments or sporadic text messages. Honestly, to know that so many of the people we celebrated our wedding day with find out about stepping stones in our life through this blog or another social networking site, hurts. It's a tough thing to swallow.

And despite the three paragraphs I have already written, I really have no point to this post--just venting I suppose. I'm not placing blame on anyone person because a relationship consists of more than one person and I realize that I am as much to blame for some of these friendships dwindling away. And I fully take that on because, again, I know that for each and every season we're allowed to go through, God is providing a lesson. There is always something to learn and the things that are the hardest things to learn are usually the most needed. Each one of the relationships I held, I will always cherish and I know that I grew in at least one area of my life. The funny thing about giving someone love, means that you are opening yourself up to be hurt. Please don't think that I'm being dramatic when I say that; I say it because it's true. You can't be hurt if you don't care.

Friendships and loving one another is as necessary the air we breath in my opinion. True, you can be alive without holding a meaningful relationship, but what kind of life is that? Scared of being hurt or afraid to let someone in, is not reason enough to live a life of emptiness. To each friend that I hold now or have held at some point, I thank you for being apart of my life and I offer my sincerest apology if ever hurt you.

But Ruth said, “Do not urge me to leave you or to return from following you. For where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there will I be buried. May the LORD do so to me and more also if anything but death parts me from you.” - Ruth 1:16-17


What I Loved About This Week


I loved some awesome cooking by Andrew's wonderfully sweet, talented aunt!

I loved having Nutella for the first time! I honestly don't know how I went so long without knowing it's awesome-ness. I'm sure I can find someone to blame

I loved watching the NBA draft and not having to think about what the Tar Heels were losing for the upcoming season

As much as I enjoyed our vacation to the Windy City {if you couldn't tell}, I loved coming back home! Dorthy had it right all along...

 I loved that Rookie Blue started back! Hubby and I got hooked last summer, so I'm glad it's back on for another summer season.

 And as always, I loved my husband. He is amazing and I am ridiculously thankful for him.

Please tell me what you loved this week!! Happy Friday!


Last Recap of Chicago


Despite the fact that two whole afternoons were devoted to rooting the Cubs to victory, we still had plenty of time to get some great sight seeing in. On Friday after the game, we headed up Michigan Avenue to do a boat tour. I highly recommend this to anyone that has the chance because it's definitely worth it. Like I said to Andrew, for all we knew everything the tour guide was completely made up, but it sounded good if nothing else. They keep the information pretty general and light so your brain doesn't hurt after the hour and some change is over. It also gives you a great opportunity to a) see things you wouldn't otherwise see and b) learn some fun facts!

Though it got somewhat chilly being out on Lake Michigan, it was great to see Chicago! Towards the end of the tour, I could barely focus on what the guide was saying due to hunger and windblown. But then again, I was the idiot that didn't bring a jacket to Chicago. Please don't think less of me...

Our last full day, Saturday, could not have been more perfect for sightseeing via the streets of the Windy City. And I honestly think we walked a total of 5 or 6 miles, which I'm not complaining about  because have I mentioned how much I ate? And I assure you, I looked so hot in my sundress and sneakers. Yes, I wore my running shoes for this part of the endeavor. It was either that or flip flops and I know Andrew would not have wanted to hear me complain for all those miles about how my feet/back/etc hurt.

The Bean!!

the harbor..I don't know which one

It was the perfect way to more or less finish up our trip. When you hear "Chicago" a lot of things come to mind; wind, cold, Oprah, pizza, etc. But to actually have the opportunity to experience this incredible city allows these words; historical, awesome, fun, triumphant. During the boat tour the guide said a quote that I unfortunately only heard the tail end of, but those words stuck with me;

"Chicago is a combination of mistakes and miracles."

I loved that because clearly those words can apply to more than just a city. Our lives, each and everyday, are made up of near misses and blessings. I have searched thoroughly, in a myriad of ways on Google trying to find the rest of this quotes, but had no luck.

This should conclude my recaps of Chicago, but no promises! Please feel free to pass on any tips about the next time we go back...because we will be returning.

But when I go to Chicago, I know I'm home. --Hank Sauer


Chicago Through My iPhone


I knew before we got to Chicago that in addition to the thousands (literally) of pictures we would take on our camera, I wanted to have enough on my phone to do this kind of post. Goal reached! Enjoy the picture overload you're about to experience!
Gino's East the first night!

first game at Wrigley!

Chicago River at sunset

my ball that a Cubs player tossed to me!

from the boat tour we took! :)
"the bean"

on the flight home...I just loved these clouds
Though they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I need a lot more than to describe how amazing our time was and how much we each loved Chicago. I've said it before and I'll say it again; if you haven't gone, you should. It's worth every minute!

Keeping the Dream Alive

In all of my Windy City excitement, I completely forgot to recognize the Tar Heel baseball boys and making it back to the College World Series for the fifth time in six years! Sadly and shockingly, I have never made it to a Carolina baseball game, but I try to follow them throughout their season and thankfully, Twitter has made that a lot easier. Unfortunately, they fell in the first round to first-timers Vanderbilt, but bounced back to defeat the Texas Longhorns 3-0 on Monday with help of freshmen pitcher, Kent Emanuel. Emanuel collected his first career shutout with the victory allowing only four hits and one walk.

Why is that name and those facts so significant? Because you could watch every college baseball game for the rest of your life and you may not see a pitcher send the collegiate world's best hitters back to the dugout without crossing home plate for nine innings. Simply, sending one of the country's best teams home without a run to their name and for a freshmen to single-handedly throw his team into the victory column, is not a common occurrence.

Though I will never feel the way for baseball that I do college basketball, post season tournaments and runs are just as exciting in June as they are in March. Well maybe not just as exciting, but exciting nonetheless. And the tradition that has made itself known in Omaha is one that will only continue to grow. And considering the drought of college sports during the summer months, I'll savor the Tar Heels victories one at a time...

They'll face the Commodores once more tonight at 7 in hopes of keeping their name in the 2011 CWS Bracket.

Go Heels!




Hey Chicago, what do you say...


On to the next recap!

Thursday and Friday were mostly centered around going to Wrigley and watching the Cubs. And though I may not be the biggest baseball fan, just knowing how excited my husband was to witness these games made it more than worth it.

We got to Wrigley on Thursday with more than enough time, but Andrew wanted to ensure we had time to take it all in and walk around. Looking back, I hope that I was excited acting even if it I wasn't exciting feeling because this meant so much to him.

Thursday's victory over the Milwaukee Brewers was awesome and made for a great first experience! Dinner that night was at none other than Gino's once again. It was just too good to go one time.

Friday's game was one of big anticipation for the Chicago Cubs fan base because the New York Yankees came to town. I pretty much hate the Yankees, so I was very hopeful for a 'W' for the hometown squad!
A Cubs player gave me a ball during batting practice!
Cubs win!!
So hubby's first 2 games to Wrigley were successful and we were able to witness Cubs victories. The whole experience of a MLB game was unlike any other and it was wonderful. We had a great time and to know that I got to experience Andrew's dream with him means more than words can express.  The camaraderie that rises up in a city like Chicago because of a sporting event is quite remarkable. Sports can inexplicably bring people together and that is a really fun thing to be apart of.

A funny thing happened in both games; a HUGE flock of seagulls appeared roughly at the start of the 8th inning. And once they got there, they just hung out on the roof, waiting for everyone to leave so they could feast on the leftovers. The next day, we were watching the game on t.v. and the seagulls came back around the same time...only problem was the game started later and the game wasn't even halfway over. I honestly felt bad for these birds! They had their routine down and this was throwing it off! Animals are way smarter than we give them credit for.

So that is my recap for the games! Have you ever been to a major league baseball game? Were their seagulls? I'd love to know!


Chicago...My Kinda Town


Amazing. Wonderful. Perfect. Those words do not even begin to give justice to our time in Chicago. Andrew has been waiting a lifetime to go to the Windy City and experience everything it has to offer, but more specifically, Wrigley Field. His mom will tell you, he's been a Chicago Cubs fan since the beginning of time. And she wouldn't be far off. So needless to say, this trip was a long time coming and I truly believe it lived up to the expectations.

We got there on our anniversary {June 14th} and we were greeted with a beautiful Midwestern summer afternoon. After getting settled into our hotel, we headed out onto Michigan Avenue which is a sight to be seen for sure. Pretty much any and every name in fashion can be found on the Magnificent Mile, however, our wallets were still our wallets, so we did a lot of window shopping.
For dinner we headed to the famous Gino's East Pizzeria. My stomach growls and mouth waters just thinking about their pizza...

I have never had Chicago style pizza, but I have to tell you, I am converted! This was the best pizza I think I have ever had. And if you have had Chicago deep dish, then you know this pizza is meant to be experienced and not merely eaten. It takes time to eat and to savor. This is not a quick "eat as you go" pizza. It takes roughly 45 minutes from the time you order it to get it, which may seem a bit unreasonable for pizza. I assure you, it is not because it is worth every crumb!
the masterpiece!

I honestly could probably write an entire post purely devoted to this pizza, but I will not put you guys through that. The next day started out beautiful, so we headed to Navy Pier to eat at Harry Caray's and walk around.

this place had all kinds of Cubs memorabilia

us with Harry!
By the time we finished eating, a fine mist had settled on Navy Pier and I would go as far as to say it was cold. But keep in mind, we've been used to 90 degree weather, so 55 and windy was cold! Despite that, we walked around to take some pictures.

Once we were thoroughly chilled and wet, we caught a cab to head back to our hotel and to relax a bit more before going to dinner. {If you're starting to think we ate a lot while on this trip, you would not be mistaken} Keeping with our tradition of eating at Cheesecake Factory in every state we visit, we headed back out into the wind and walked the 3 or 4 blocks from our hotel. I was actually brave and tried something different...though I'm not sure I'd try it again! 

snickers cheesecake!
After dinner, we just relaxed in our room and ate some cheesecake. And that is where I shall end this post, but please know more recaps of this amazing trip will be making their presence known on this blog!

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