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Amazing. Wonderful. Perfect. Those words do not even begin to give justice to our time in Chicago. Andrew has been waiting a lifetime to go to the Windy City and experience everything it has to offer, but more specifically, Wrigley Field. His mom will tell you, he's been a Chicago Cubs fan since the beginning of time. And she wouldn't be far off. So needless to say, this trip was a long time coming and I truly believe it lived up to the expectations.

We got there on our anniversary {June 14th} and we were greeted with a beautiful Midwestern summer afternoon. After getting settled into our hotel, we headed out onto Michigan Avenue which is a sight to be seen for sure. Pretty much any and every name in fashion can be found on the Magnificent Mile, however, our wallets were still our wallets, so we did a lot of window shopping.
For dinner we headed to the famous Gino's East Pizzeria. My stomach growls and mouth waters just thinking about their pizza...

I have never had Chicago style pizza, but I have to tell you, I am converted! This was the best pizza I think I have ever had. And if you have had Chicago deep dish, then you know this pizza is meant to be experienced and not merely eaten. It takes time to eat and to savor. This is not a quick "eat as you go" pizza. It takes roughly 45 minutes from the time you order it to get it, which may seem a bit unreasonable for pizza. I assure you, it is not because it is worth every crumb!
the masterpiece!

I honestly could probably write an entire post purely devoted to this pizza, but I will not put you guys through that. The next day started out beautiful, so we headed to Navy Pier to eat at Harry Caray's and walk around.

this place had all kinds of Cubs memorabilia

us with Harry!
By the time we finished eating, a fine mist had settled on Navy Pier and I would go as far as to say it was cold. But keep in mind, we've been used to 90 degree weather, so 55 and windy was cold! Despite that, we walked around to take some pictures.

Once we were thoroughly chilled and wet, we caught a cab to head back to our hotel and to relax a bit more before going to dinner. {If you're starting to think we ate a lot while on this trip, you would not be mistaken} Keeping with our tradition of eating at Cheesecake Factory in every state we visit, we headed back out into the wind and walked the 3 or 4 blocks from our hotel. I was actually brave and tried something different...though I'm not sure I'd try it again! 

snickers cheesecake!
After dinner, we just relaxed in our room and ate some cheesecake. And that is where I shall end this post, but please know more recaps of this amazing trip will be making their presence known on this blog!


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