Fear, Insecurity and Blogging


I have started and re-started about a million times in this little text box trying to contrive a halfway decent idea for a blog post.

The result? Nothing!

I have not a single thing that is worth an entire post. I love to blog, but I think there are times where I actually feel pressured to write about something that "everyone" would want to read. Then I get stumped and get bloggers block. If that's not a real thing, it should be, because I get it and currently have it. Many of the bloggers that I read and follow post everyday. Everyday. And if I'm being honest {which I try to be}, I'm jealous. Albeit not all of their posts are long or thought provoking or about anything in particular, they're still writing. And I think to myself "I can do that. I can write about nothing sometimes. It's okay to do that". And then in steps my {at times} overwhelming amount of insecurity and scoffs at me for thinking that anyone other than my mom would want to read it.

I enjoy writing. Far more as an adult than I ever did growing up, which in itself is a shame because I'm starting to believe I would have made some minor adjustments to my major in college. You know, like changing it. However, in the same breath, writing exposes yourself and opens you to criticism from every angle. And though I do not consider myself a perfectionist, accepting my faults and flaws is something I have not yet mastered. 

So this is a question for all the bloggers, writers and in-between; how do you do it? How do you write a blog post everyday and not concern yourself with others opinions and perceptions? How do you publish something that other people will pick apart and possibly throw back in your face? I realize that this is an aspect of writing and living that is inevitable and something I need to realize and face head on. And I am working on it...

...but sometimes to face a fear, you need a gentle push massive shove to help get you there.


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Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

You are a much better blogger than me! Yours are always so detailed and nicely worded. I just say what I want, when I want in mine- and it usually just comes out rambly. :)

Megan said...

Sometimes I get stumped with what to write about, too!! Don't feel bad! I just try to write some ideas down in advance!

Jordy Liz said...

sometimes when i get the urge to write, i open up a blank e-mail draft and just write. some days, i write two or three posts. i then post these on blogger when nothing is really coming to me so that i can at least have something up each day.

i definitely struggle with finding SOMETHING every day... it's easier some days than others!

Fash Boulevard said...

this is beautifully written. so so happy I found your blog. I'm totally following, I hope you will as well. I started my blog a little over 3 months ago after graduating from college in the south and moving across the country to LA. The site's all about celebrity fashion from the point of view of an LA stylist. I'd love if if you'd stop by to see multiple post a day on all the latest celebrity fashion news. Any support would be awesome. Thanks love. xoxo


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