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Thursday and Friday were mostly centered around going to Wrigley and watching the Cubs. And though I may not be the biggest baseball fan, just knowing how excited my husband was to witness these games made it more than worth it.

We got to Wrigley on Thursday with more than enough time, but Andrew wanted to ensure we had time to take it all in and walk around. Looking back, I hope that I was excited acting even if it I wasn't exciting feeling because this meant so much to him.

Thursday's victory over the Milwaukee Brewers was awesome and made for a great first experience! Dinner that night was at none other than Gino's once again. It was just too good to go one time.

Friday's game was one of big anticipation for the Chicago Cubs fan base because the New York Yankees came to town. I pretty much hate the Yankees, so I was very hopeful for a 'W' for the hometown squad!
A Cubs player gave me a ball during batting practice!
Cubs win!!
So hubby's first 2 games to Wrigley were successful and we were able to witness Cubs victories. The whole experience of a MLB game was unlike any other and it was wonderful. We had a great time and to know that I got to experience Andrew's dream with him means more than words can express.  The camaraderie that rises up in a city like Chicago because of a sporting event is quite remarkable. Sports can inexplicably bring people together and that is a really fun thing to be apart of.

A funny thing happened in both games; a HUGE flock of seagulls appeared roughly at the start of the 8th inning. And once they got there, they just hung out on the roof, waiting for everyone to leave so they could feast on the leftovers. The next day, we were watching the game on t.v. and the seagulls came back around the same time...only problem was the game started later and the game wasn't even halfway over. I honestly felt bad for these birds! They had their routine down and this was throwing it off! Animals are way smarter than we give them credit for.

So that is my recap for the games! Have you ever been to a major league baseball game? Were their seagulls? I'd love to know!


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